About Us​


Adolfo (Al) Bolvito

Al was born in 1989 in Salama, Baja Verpaz, Guatemala.  He immigrated to the United States at the vulnerable age of 14.  Without family in his new country, he was forced to work to survive, at which time the magic began.  After failed attempts to find employment that he enjoyed, Al gravitated towards the landscaping industry and instantly knew that it was what he wanted to commit himself to.  The pure joy on customer's faces after a job was complete that he helped construct gave him instant and long-term gratification.  His love for changing the way homeowners perceived their yards is the driving force that produces such talented work.

Amanda Bolvito (Bonaventure)

Amanda was born in 1990 at JFK Hospital in Edison, grew up in the same home she currently resides in with her family, and is a lifelong resident of the small town of Metuchen.  She attended St. Francis Cathedral School in Metuchen (2004), Bishop George Ahr High School in Edison (2008), Middlesex County College in Edison (2017; Criminal Justice, Police Science), and Rutgers University in New Brunswick (current; Criminal Justice, Police Science).  Amanda's mother was diagnosed with various illnesses that caused her to need continuous care at which time Amanda took full responsibility--at 14 years old.  Her jump into adulthood at an early age forced her to be more appreciative of her blessings.  She is currently pursuing a career in Law Enforcement as a Police Officer.  Her ultimate goal is to have the privilege to work for the beautiful Borough of Metuchen.

The Bolvito Family

Adolfo and Amanda met in 2007 when he was 17 years old and she was 16 years old.  They married a little over a year later in 2008 in the municipal court of Metuchen, welcomed their first child, Cristian in 2009, then Jaquelin in 2010.  They Convalidated their marriage in the Holy Roman Catholic Church of St. Francis Cathedral in Metuchen in 2013.  To make the already special event (5 year anniversary) even more special, the two children were Baptized into the Holy Church during the ceremony. As a great surprise, they added one more member to their family, Angelica in 2017.  With their family complete and their business in place, Adolfo and Amanda are excited for what the future holds!


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Years of Experience


Happy Homeowners 

Why we started Bolvito Lawn Care, LLC

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

"Adversity introduces a man to himself."

When Amanda became pregnant, she lost her employment and began to work for a local Metuchen business until the high-risk pregnancy no longer allowed her to work.  Adolfo and Amanda fell on extremely hard times while living off of one income.  They have always been the ones giving, yet this time they had to put volunteer and charity work on the back burner and become recipients themselves.  When things started to look up, they took the extreme risk to start a small business to ensure that their three children would never have to experience what they had--it worked. 

Our First Project

The very first job Adolfo booked was for a close family friend.  Amanda went to school with the customer's son for 9 years and was excited to provide service to a family she had known since 1995.  Adolfo provided a spring clean-up and mulch.  The rest is history.

Our Mission

Adolfo and Amanda continue to give back as much as possible; they have vowed that 5% of their business income will go directly into local and individual efforts to help those in need.  They are dedicated to the Metuchen community as well as the less fortunate in surrounding areas; this company has given them the opportunity to give back more than they would have otherwise been able to do so previously.